Sastel Pharmaceuticals was formed in 1998 when Johann and Lienta Roelofse identified the need of sort line manufacturing in the herbal and health supplement market. An integrated management system was developed to do in-house control of GMP for third-party manufacturing. The company registered with SAPC and SAMCC and employed pharmacists to comply with PIC/S GMP processes.

Sastel joined the HPA in 2001.

Due to the slow progress in CAMS regulations and with the constant changing of goal posts, Sastel Packaging was formed. GMP and HACCP were made the heartbeat of the company. Sastel Personal Care was added addressing dedicate cosmetic opportunities in the market place.

With the growth of the company, logistical and capacity challenges were identified. During the Covid19 disaster, a dedicated industrial piece of land became available and was purchased. Plans were drawn up by architects with input from GMP experts and a team of electrical-, structural- and civil engineers to design an ISO 8 HVAC, PIC/S facility. These plans were submitted to City Council of Tshwane and was finally approved in June 2022. This ground breaking event literally to place when the turf was turned on 1st July 2022 which was the launch of the constructing the new facility.

Today, this family business includes Johann and Lienta’s children, Cara (Cosmetic scientist), Nicoli (Responsible pharmacist) and Cornell (Goods Receive expert). Together with Lizette Visser (Production manager and pharmaceutical manufacturing specialist), Dr Denise Oliver (Quality Control Manager, specializing in botany) and Ulandi O’Neill (Administration and financial specialist) forms an excellent managing team to lead Sastel with about 60 employees and the new facility to new heights.




Sastel has expanded into:

  • Sastel Agricultural
  • Sastel Personal Care (Facial creams, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, Hair butter, Body butter, serums, gels etc).
  • Sastel Pharmaceuticals can handle your registered, unscheduled product.

The plans for our new facility have been approved and we hope to move in before the end of 2022. This will enlarge our capacity three-fold.