Our Research & Development team is equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the formulation and improvement of the following products:

  • Capsule formulations (Vitamin, herbal and other non-scheduled formulations)
  • Powder formulations (Weight gain/loss, Sports Nutrition and other specialized formulations)
  • Cosmetic formulations (Creams, lotions, cleansers, shampoo, gels etc)
  • Liquid formulations (Immune boosting syrups, liquid supplements and concentrates etc)

After formulation, our development lab is able to produce small scale samples/trial batches for consumer testing.

​In addition to formulating and developing new products, our development lab is also able to assist with in-house stability testing.

​We can also assist in obtaining certification on more extensive tests such as efficacy, SPF-value and other claims on cosmetic products and nutritional analysis on powdered supplements.

Our laboratory is equipped with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR) equipment, which allows the identification of materials as well as comparison to standard references. All raw material received is tested against set standards and this equipment is also used to ensure batch consistency by doing in-process and final product comparisons against previously produced orders. These tests form part of our Quality Management System.

We are able to perform Loss on Drying (LOD) testing on various powders as well as in-house microbial testing in powders and liquids by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing. We are also able to assist with more extensive tests such as microbial analysis, heavy metal analysis and HPLC.

We stock and fill standard bovine gelatin and veggie (Kosher and Halaal) certified in sizes 0 and 00 and a variety of colours.

​Order quantities start at 12 000 capsules. We are equipped with two filling machines of which the semi-automated is able to produce 120 000 to 150 000 capsules and the fully-automated machine 200 000 capsules on a daily basis.

​Oil capsules (Soft gels)
We are able to source oil-filled capsules such as Omega, krill-oil and CLA soft gels.

We are able to blend a variety of powder formulations in batch sizes of 10kg to 200kg (formulation dependent).

​We stock a variety of flavourants, colourants and anti-caking agents to improve the colour, taste and texture of powdered products to produce an aesthetically pleasing product to our clients.

​Part of our Quality Management System is to ensure consistency of colour and flavour throughout the batch through visual, olfactory and gustatory evaluation.

Sastel manufactures various Personal Care formulations such as creams, lotions, gels and liquid soaps. We are also able to manufacture a variety of liquid products such as herbal cough syrups and energy-drink concentrates.

​Our normal batch sizes are 50kg to 300kg, but depending on the formulation and equipment required, we can accomodate batch sizes as little as 3kg.

Sastel can supply all above mentioned products in bulk, but should more specific packaging be required, we are also able to assist.

​Our packing services include:

Filling the container to required quantity or weight.

Closing the container with required cap/lid, seal and heat sleeve.

Application of label and batch number to ensure batch traceability.

Assembly and packing of secondary packaging such as product boxes and product inserts.

​We source a variety of packaging options.

​For capsules, we offer capsule containers in a variety of sizes and colours. We also offer blister packaging for capsules and sourced tablets.
We offer a variety of different coloured and sized containers and jars for powdered products.

​Due to an increase in consumer demand for more economic, portable and size effective packaging options, we also source a variety of different ziplock pouches

For cosmetic formulations, we are able to provide and pack into jars, bottles, tubes and any other specialized packaging we are able to source.

We also provide sachets as a packaging option. Powders, liquids and even capsules and tablets can be packed into sachets for sample purposes or specific dosage forms.

With two machine types we can offer:

  • Tea Bags
  • Stickback sachets with a filling range of 1g to 5g
  • Four-sided sealed sachets with a filling range of 5g to 50g

We also offer nitrogen purging for increased stability on request.

Sastel unfortunately does not supply or source any artwork-based or printed materials such as labels, printed tubes or printed sachet paper.

​We do request that the client source their own and we are more than willing to provide a "preferred suppliers" list and details as well as print specifications to comply with our automated machinery.