Our Research & Development team is equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the formulation and improvement of the following products:

  • Capsule formulations (Vitamin, herbal and other non-scheduled formulations)
  • Powder formulations (Weight gain/loss, Sports Nutrition and other specialized formulations)
  • Cosmetic formulations (Creams, lotions, cleansers, shampoo, gels etc)
  • Liquid formulations (Immune boosting syrups, liquid supplements and concentrates etc)

After formulation, our development lab is able to produce small scale samples/trial batches for consumer testing.

​In addition to formulating and developing new products, our development lab is also able to assist with in-house stability testing.

​We can also assist in obtaining certification on more extensive tests such as efficacy, SPF-value and other claims on cosmetic products and nutritional analysis on powdered supplements.